The¬†Red Alachigh¬†has been built as a space for sacred sanctuary, ceremony, celebration and the exploration of women’s mysteries.

The inspiration for its creation came in August 2011 at a Lughnasadh/Lammas celebration after a session of storytelling run by the Wood Sisters. The tales told that day had explored tales of Biblical women and their roots in the ancient Mesopotamian tradition inspired by Anita Diamant’s novel “The Red Tent”.

After the stories had been told one sister said “I wish we had a Red Tent. Let’s build one.” The longing for Red Tent had been spoken and like a spell the wish worked its magic through the hands of many Wood Sisters until it was there, round and red and ready for its first outing.

The Red Alachigh, made by the Wood Sisters, is a physical tent, as you can see, but more than that it is an idea, perhaps even an ideal, about remembering the ceremonies and practices that are special to us as women – marking the times of our cycles and that of the moon, recognising life changes like menarche, motherhood and menopause and remembering to take council with one another and share our experiences.

This tent was hand-built mainly by women and its care and the organisation of its activities are in the hands of a council of women, whose aim is to make it available and full of story, song, ceremony, celebration, discussion and support. We welcome women to our extended community of volunteers and helpers who support events, maintain and tour the tent.

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