The Red Alachigh Council

This tent was hand-built mainly by women and its care and the organisation of its activities are in the hands of a council of women, whose aim is to make it available and full of story, song, ceremony, celebration, discussion and support. We welcome women to our extended community of volunteers and helpers who support events, maintain and tour the tent.

Current Council Members:

Ronnie Conboy – Storyteller and Red Alachigh Maintenance Queen

Ronnie was brought up on tall tales and wild songs, the daughter of an Irishman in Wales. She discovered the world of storytelling in a dark forest at the Autumn equinox, and has been chasing stories ever since.

The Red Alachigh project was born of a wild idea to create stories and spiritual space for women, and Ronnie’s particular contribution has been as a lover of wild ideas….and also a lover of structures and power tools!

She feels that building the tent was a journey that brought together the spiritual, the practical and the adventurous. Continuing the journey brings mystery, excitement and opportunity. Bring it on…..


Lisa Schneidau –

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Sue Charman – Storyteller and one of the founders of the Wood Sisters

One of the founder members of the Wood Sisters and storyteller at most of their events. It was after her telling of the Red Tent story in August 2011, adapted from Anita Diamant’s inspirational book, that the group came up with the idea of creating our own Red Tent first. Spending 2012 making the tent with a large group of women volunteers was a tremendously fulfilling and fun project, taking Sue back to happy days as a Girl Guide (!)

Sue lives in Devon with her family and three cats in an eco-house they are still self-building after 12 years. She spent twenty years as a theatre director and writer, has worked at Embercombe and the South Devon Steiner School, mainly as an events organiser – a job she has now given up in the hope of expanding her own creativity. She is a trained drama teacher and Clean Language facilitator, with a love of a good story around a camp-fire under a night sky full of stars and walking the ancient pathways.

Joanna Swift – Creator of crafts and potions!

Joanna Swift discovered the Wood Sisters at the Winter Storytelling Festival, when the Red Alachigh was on its way to completion. She immediately fell in love with the project and enjoyed helping to create the interior decoration.

At events she leads seasonal craft and aromatherapy workshops for children and the young at heart. She loves bringing women together to share their skills and the sense of community this creates.


Vicki Killick –

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