Wish list

The Red Tent itself is a wonderful creation, a beautiful space that domes above us, protecting and holding, the light inside is red and cosy like sunlight through the walls of our mothers womb.

However, we would like to bring more comfort and beauty to the interior without having to gather pieces from all four corners of the earth to make that happen each time we put her up. Our main focus at the moment therefore is raising funds to purchase seating and floor coverings, alongside paying for maintenance of the tent and our yearly insurance costs.

If you choose you can help us to raise these funds in a variety of ways.

One great way to support our mission to create a beautiful and comfortable space within the tent is to attend our fundraising events, with wonderful storytellers who have given their time and great gift of weaving story to support our work. To find out more about these events please visit the Happenings page.

Another is to offer a donation, any donation of any kind is received with the deepest of gratitude and just to give you an idea of what we hope to purchase for the tent in the name of comfort and beauty here is the wish list.


  • Sheepskins
    A donation of £35 can buy one local sheepskin from our local market.
    Or of course if you have a sheepskin or two needing a home we would love to give them one in the tent.
  • Meditation Cushions
  • Trailer
    A trailer in which the tent can be stored when it is not in use and then easily attached to a car and driven off to it’s location.
  • Shawls and blankets
    Again from our local market we can purchase yak wool and cotton blankets for £25 or a shawls for £15.
  • A Portable Base
    A base would offer a flat surface, eradicating problems of lumpy ground and/or sloping ground, again offering more comfort to the people visiting the tent.