We are the mythmakers

Between a concert and a sound bath – ancient Polish songs and visceral, earthy, ethereal soundscapes with hang drum, shruti and voice combined with sensual love poems and stories from the earth.┬áSinging for the ancestors we will become Magita takes us on a vocal journey set to pierce the heart of our deep remembering. Evocative and raw Slavic medicine songs. Melodic soundscapes weaved with hang drum, voice and shruti. As each woman is called to remember her medicine, we heal our song lines and call in the power of the old stories.


Having spent much time alone with her grandparents growing up in a secluded woodland in Poland, Magita was gifted an introduction to story and song from a quieter and powerful time under the guardianship of the forest. Following her love of music and story telling she persuaded a degree in media and performance and began her shamanic training.