Useful websites:

The Red Tent Directory

A list of Red Tent gatherings in the UK


Anita Diamant
Author of The Red Tent – the book that inspired us!

Storytellers and Workshop Leaders who have kindly offered support to the Red Alachigh:


Shonaleigh Cumbers
Shonaleigh is a storyteller who was brought up in the Drut’syla tradition by her Bubbe (Grandmother).


Abbie Palache
Abbie is an animated, dynamic and distinctive performer and educator.


Janet Dowling
Janet is a Devon storyteller, a writer, a community storyteller, a life story coach and a creative supervisor.


Jade Moon (Bone Song)
Jade is an artist working in Devon, in the mediums of sacred performance, archeoart, shamanic totemic, goddess, nature jewellery and ceremonial objects.


Rev. Sam Wernham (Living Spirit)
Sam offers access to traditional and modern spiritual teachings, myth and story.

Jane Flood
Jane is a professional storyteller with a hoard of over 400 traditional tales that have been collected, crafted and told on numerous occasions.

Maggi Squire
Maggi is a dance artist using natural materials, inspired by a deep response to the seen and unseen

Katrice Horsley
Katrice is a storyteller who works internationally designing and delivering training for as well as performing at a range of International Storytelling Festivals

Chris Salisbury
Chris aka ‘Spindle Wayfarer’ has been telling stories for a long time, appearing on television and all over Britain.

Dr Martin Shaw
Martin is a storyteller and award winning author, regarded as one of the most outstanding new teachers of the mythic imagination.

Debs Newbold
Debs is a storyteller of both traditional and original tales anywhere people will listen. Debs also writes stories and storytelling shows for adult and family audiences.

Lisa Schneidau
Lisa is a storyteller and environmentalist based on Dartmoor, telling stories that inspire, provoke curiosity and build stronger connections between people and nature.

Ronnie Conboy



Sue Charman


People who helped us to design and build the alachigh:


Toby Fairlove
Toby at Fairlove Yurts runs a family business making beautiful handcrafted yurts.


D & K Covers
Dee and Kay at DK Covers specialise in the manufacture of Canvas covers for yurts and other tents.